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Cheyanne Kot

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“I went to school for accounting but then said damn the man and went to follow my dreams of a career in the arts.”

Since she was a wee little lass, Cheyanne has always loved being creative and artsy. She wanted a career that ensured she would love going to work everyday, and tattooing is just that.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Cheyanne got her start as an artist there many years ago, and moved to Calgary in 2019. She launched her dream shop, Coyote Rose, in 2022. 

Cheyanne loves anything nature related, especially Albertan/Canadian flora and fauna. Her favourite styles are blackwork, dotwork, linework, ornamental, neo trad and trad.

To book with Cheyanne, please fill out her intake form here.



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"I am obsessed with tattoos and I would just daydream at work about all the designs I would draw when I got home. So I became a tattoo artist.

Ruth has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from UVic. Before making the switch to tattooing, she worked as a corporate graphic designer and art director for a magazine.


Ruth loves tattooing skulls, florals, insects, and anything from nature.


She tattoos fine line black work in an illustrative style.

To book with Ruth, please email her here.


Kurtis Mayer

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“I fell in love with the magic of tattooing and tattoo culture.”

Kurtis is influenced by various genres such as American traditional tattooing, jailhouse tattoos and folk art.

He grew up in the trades but when he got into tattoo culture, he started making hand poke tattoos, the OG method.


Now, he's taking his skills to the next level by learning machine tattooing at Coyote Rose. 


Kurtis's style is traditional. Also, you can check out his jailhouse tattoo machine art and other pieces at


Kurtis is now taking select projects. To book, please email him here.

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